The Class of 2022 — HSC Results

Xavier Catholic College is incredibly proud to celebrate the outstanding HSC achievements of the Class of 2022.

Although the HSC is a marker of academic achievement, we want to celebrate the individual behind the results. Each student's achievement is a reflection of their individual diligence and commitment; however, it also speaks to a longstanding pursuit of excellence across a variety of areas from the moment they first stepped onto the College grounds in Year 7. Our students have spent their years at Xavier Catholic College learning who they are as an individual, discovering their passions and using them to guide their plans and dreams ahead. We are proud to note that each student has graduated from our College as an individual ready to make a difference in the world. 

Our thanks to the teaching and support staff who have guided our students in their learning, and to our wider College community for their support throughout a challenging year. We are so proud of our students and pray for each of them as they take the next steps on their individual journey through life, whether that be in the workforce, pursuing further study, or any number of post-school adventures.

2022 HSC Ranking

We are excited to announce that Xavier Catholic College ranked 61st in NSW in the 2022 HSC results! We also ranked second in the state amongst Catholic systemic schools. 

Check out the full HSC rankings here.

Top Achievers In Course

The Top Achievers In Course List represents student ranking across NSW, recognising students who place in the top 20 students amongst their subject cohort.

Lucia Pilgrim

First in Course: French Continuers

Ben Masterson

Second in Course: Industrial Technology

Ewan Trafford

Ninth in Course: Mathematics Advanced

(100% Examination Result!)

Tim de Wit

Second in Course: Dutch Continuers (attained 2021)

HSC All Rounders

The HSC All Rounders Honour List recognises students who achieved an overall HSC result of 90 or above in their 10 best units.

Jayda Thompson

Band 6 in 7 subjects

Ewan Trafford

Band 6 in 6 subjects

Reuben Adlington

Band 6 in 6 subjects

Ruve Murdoch

Band 6 in 5 subjects

HSC Distinguished Achievers

The HSC Distinguished Achievers List celebrates those students who achieved a result in the highest band for one or more courses. 

64 students have been honoured as HSC Distinguished Achievers in 2022, with over 150 entries from Xavier Catholic College students on the list.

HSC Showcases & Exhibitions

Our students received nominations and selections for inclusion in a variety of HSC showcase and exhibition opportunities, designed to highlight exemplary major works and projects across the state.

OnSTAGE: HSC Drama Showcase


Lirra Eady

Selected (Individual)

Nominated (Group)

Clancy Miller

Nominated (Individual)

Nominated (Group)

Ruve Murdoch

Nominated (Individual)

Nominated (Group)

Tyler Adamson

Nominated (Individual)

Nominated (Group)

Joel Holihan

Nominated (Individual)

Nominated (Group)


Taya Kelly

Nominated (Individual)

Nominated (Group)

Grace Pateman

Nominated (Individual)

Nominated (Group)

Gabrielle Bolger

Nominated (Group)

Jackson Falvey

Nominated (Group)

Sasha Ferréol

Nominated (Group)

InTech & Shape: HSC Industrial Technology, Design & Technology, and Textiles & Design Showcase

Masterson Benjamin.JPG
Sullivan Zachariah.JPG

Benjamin Masterson


Zachariah Sullivan


ArtExpress: HSC Visual Arts Showcase


Carmen Stock


Jasmine Jones


Lara Crawford


Callback: HSC Dance Showcase


Siobhan Thompson



Results will be released throughout the day.


  • Ewan Trafford: 99.25
  • Jayda Thompson: 99


  • Lucia Pilgrim: 98.95
  • Reuben Adlington: 98.9
  • Ruve Murdoch: 98.3
  • Lola Hutchinson: 98.25
  • Elodie Crichton: 97.5
  • Mia Russell: 96.15
  • Dylan Bailey: 95.85
  • Brodie Viel: 95.7
  • Max Cubis: 95.55
  • Maija Sudmals: 95.35
  • Joel Holihan: 95.3
  • Zoe Seberry: 94.9
  • Benjamin Lee: 94.7
  • Lirra Eady: 93.45
  • Benjamin Masterson: 93.35
  • Patita Clifford: 92.85
  • Jack Kirwan: 92.85
  • Sasha Ferréol: 92.2
  • Lara Crawford: 91.4
  • Gabrielle Bolger: 91.35
  • Lara Fogarty-Bennett: 91.2
  • Ellie Morley: 90.9
  • Isabelle Schubert: 90.8
  • Matilda Peacock: 90.5
  • Jasmine Hawkins: 90.4
  • Darby Coles: 90.15


  • Jet Claridge: 89.9
  • Oliver Schirmer: 89.35
  • Monique Crowhurst: 87.75
  • Ari Slattery: 87.45
  • William Simmonds: 86.8
  • Ramani-Singh Pangly: 86.65
  • Toby Nowell: 86.15
  • Carmen Stock: 85.3
  • Aimee Fogarty-Bennett: 84.45
  • Tyler Adamson: 82.95
  • Thomas Robbins: 82.6
  • Hayey Rushton: 81.5
  • Lily Evers: 81.4
  • Grace Pateman: 81.2
  • Gemma Kubelka: 80.55
  • Koby Morris: 80.3
  • Sophie Venn: 80.25

Course Results

Our students demonstrated their outstanding talent across a range of subjects — over 88% of courses placed above the state average in 2022!

Every student who studied English Extension 1 placed in the top band, as did every student studying Mathematics Extension 2. 

100% of students in the following courses received results in the highest two bands, achieving results of 80% or higher:

  • English Extension II
  • Music
  • History Extension
  • Visual Arts
  • Mathematics Extension 1

At least half of the students in the following courses received results in the highest two bands, achieving results of 80% or higher:

  • Business Studies
  • Construction
  • Dance
  • Design & Technologies
  • Drama
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Economics
  • English Advanced
  • Entertainment Services
  • Food Technology 
  • French Extension
  • French Continuers
  • Geography
  • Hospitality
  • Italian Beginners
  • Legal Studies
  • Mathematics Standard 2
  • Modern History
  • Society & Culture
  • Studies of Religion I
  • Studies of Religion II