Absence From School

All absence notifications, including reasons for absence, should be emailed to our Attendance Team via xcc-absences@lism.catholic.edu.au. Alternatively, you can phone the College on 6618 0180 to advise of any absences.

Please avoid emailing teaching staff directly in the case of student absences. 

Partial Absences

If your child will be absent for part of a school day (e.g. late arrival or early leave), please do not enter this as a Partial Absence in Compass. Unfortunately, doing so will cause discrepancies with our attendance records.

Please note that we no longer accept handwritten notes for partial absences. If your child will be absent for a part day, please advise us using the email above.

SMS Absence Notifications

If a student has not arrived by 8:50am to be marked present in Pastoral Care, families will receive an SMS message from the College, and the student's attendance will be marked as Absent — Unexplained in Compass. We request that families use the link within the SMS to provide details of their child's absence. Families may also email our Attendance Officer to explain their child's leave if further detail is required.

Extended Travel During the School Term

Travel outside of school holiday periods is counted as an absence for statistical purposes. Where a student will be absent from the College during term time for a period greater than 10 days, families will need to complete the below form, advising the College of upcoming leave. Please ensure relevant travel documentation, such as e-tickets or itineraries (in the case of non-flight bound travel within Australia only), is attached to your application.

Any absences, in this case, will be recorded using Code A (Unjustified Leave).

This is a legal requirement and must be completed prior to the period of leave.

Form 01 (Extended Leave Notification: Travel/Other Greater Than 10 Days)

In exceptional circumstances, extended leave may be in the best educational interest of the student. Should this be applicable, the College's Attendance Officer will send additional documentation that may support your application for leave.