Our Community & Culture

Our School Patron

The College takes its name from St Francis Xavier, a Jesuit priest and missionary. St Francis is considered one of the greatest missionaries since Paul the Apostle; his mission work saw him travelling throughout Asia to preach the Gospel. St Francis was also a founding member of the Society of Jesus alongside St Ignatius and St Peter Faber. Schools founded in the Jesuit Charism emphasise care of the whole person (cura personalis); magis (striving for more for the greater glory of God); being men and women for others, educating the whole person; leadership; and being 'contemplatives in action.' 

Our School Houses

Students belong to six house teams that promote connections to our Catholic story and a deeper sense of belonging. Houses are used for sporting events, assemblies and gatherings.


House colour: Red

House motto: Lead by Example

House Patron: St Edmund Campion, an English Jesuit priest and martyr. Sent to preach the Catholic faith in England, St Edmund was eventually killed for his beliefs. He is an example of courageous faith in action and for standing up for beliefs in the face of adversity and persecution. 


House colour: White

House motto: Open Hearts

House Patron: Peter Faber, the first Jesuit priest and theologian. Peter Faber was a master of Spiritual Exercises whose mission was to bring others to Jesus. In the course of his life, Peter worked as a professor of theology (appointed by Pope Paul III) and founded Jesuit educational institutions. 


House colour: Green

House motto: Do More, Be More

House Patron: St Ignatius Loyola, who founded the Society of Jesus. St Ignatius was passionate about spiritual formation and education, sending his Jesuit companions on missions across the world to develop schools and seminaries. His devotion to the greater glory of God made him a transforming presence in the life of all those he met, and has since become the foundation of Ignatian spirituality. 


House colour: Yellow

House motto: Challenge with Courage

House Patron: St Mary MacKillop, Patron Saint of Australia. She founded the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart and, through this mission, supported the development of numerous schools throughout the country. Her goal was to offer education to all, particularly the poor, and to care for those in need.


House colour: Pink

House motto: Mercy in Action

House Patron: Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy. Her educational and social reform work set the groundwork for the overall mission of the Sisters of Mercy — that of teaching and education. Catherine established the House of Mercy, built to provide education and welfare to homeless women and children; over the course of her life, this would expand across Ireland and become one of the world’s largest Catholic ministries.


House colour: Blue

House motto: Deeds Not Words

House Patron: Nano Nagle, founder of the Presentation Sisters. She was instrumental in providing education to the Catholic community in Ireland at a time when Irish Catholics weren’t permitted to receive an education. She has since been recognised as a pioneer for women’s education in Ireland.