Daily Procedures

School Hours & Supervision

Lessons commence each day at 8:50am and conclude at 3:15pm. The school grounds are open to students from 8:30am to 3:50pm. Supervision is provided between these times.

Special arrangements will be made in relation to authorised school activities which require the attendance of students at the College outside these hours.

Office Hours

The office hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm. Office functions, such as fee payments and EFTPOS, can only be conducted by office staff during these hours.

Absence from School (including Late Arrivals, Early Departures and Extended Leave)

Please visit our dedicated Absence from School page.

Restricted Items at School

Students are not allowed to use mobile phones at school. These items should be switched off at all times and kept in their lockers, per the College's Mobile Phone policy.

Under no circumstances are students to use their mobile phones to contact parents between 8:50am and 3:15am, even if unwell. If they need to contact parents, this must be arranged through the College Office. Likewise, any parent needing to contact their child(ren) between 8:50am and 3:15pm should phone the College Office.

Please note students may not use their phone to pay for items at the Canteen or Front Office and must use a debit card.

Messages for Students

If you have a message for your son/daughter, please let the office know as early as possible and preferably before lunchtime (1:00pm) as classes will not be interrupted to pass on routine messages. In case of emergencies, there will be exceptions to this rule; however, a paramount aim of the school is to safeguard as much as possible the instruction time of the students.

Please note that during examination blocks (i.e. HSC, Trial HSC), announcements will not be made over the loudspeaker. Where possible, please ensure that your child is informed of any need to leave class before commencing the school day so they are able to present at the office at the required time. Examination block dates may be found within the College's Term Planners.

Change of Address/Family Circumstances

Parents are asked to notify the school promptly of any change of address, phone number, email address or place of their employment. When parents arrange for students to stay with relatives or friends while they themselves are away from home for a period of time, the office must be informed in writing. We need particulars relating to the name, address and phone number of relatives/friends and duration of the student's stay.

Similarly, any change in relation to family status, such as a separation, needs to be notified to the school.  This is not only for administrative purposes but also so the school can work for the pastoral welfare of the child(ren).

Security of Ownership

All articles of clothing, bags, books, stationery items, calculators, etc. must be clearly marked with the name of the current owner. Valuable school time should not be wasted looking for lost or otherwise ‘missing’ articles.

Students should not bring to school more money than is needed for the day and must accept responsibility for its use and whereabouts. If for some exceptional reason, a larger sum than usual is brought and needed for after school, it must be lodged (in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the student’s name) at the school office for safe-keeping and claimed at the end of the day. School fees should be deposited at the College Office before school.

School Diary/Planner

Each student is issued with a school planner.

  • Students must have their planner signed by the teacher and with them when they are out of class during lesson time.
  • Students must take their planner to all classes.
  • It can be used for communication between school and home.
  • It is used for recording homework, assignments and other important school events, including completing activities from The Resilience Project.
  • Students are responsible for their planner. If the planner is lost, damaged or graffitied, it must be replaced. Students may buy a replacement planner at the Front Office for $30.00.
  • The Planner will be checked regularly by subject teachers and the homeroom teachers and there may be intermittent inspections of the planner by Head of House(s) and/or the Leader of Pastoral Care.

School Visitors

It is a legal requirement that all visitors to our school premises must sign in at the front office.

While this may sound daunting and unfriendly, particularly as we wish to encourage parents to come to the school and feel welcome, you must report to the office first in order for us to comply with child protection legislation.