2024 School Fees 

  • 1 child: $3,820.00/year + Technology & Compulsory College Activities Levy
  • 2 children: $6,876.00/year* + Technology & Compulsory College Activities Levy
  • 3 children: $9,168.00/year* + Technology & Compulsory College Activities Levy
  • 4 children $10,696.00/year* + Technology & Compulsory College Activities Levy
    *sibling reduction applies

School fees will be billed over 4 terms, instead of three instalments. 

For new students, the $400.00 enrolment deposit paid will be credited to your Term 1 fees. School fees are subject to a yearly increase of 5%.

Compulsory College Activities Levy

  • Year 7: $35.00
  • Year 8: $335.00 (includes Year 8 Camp)
  • Year 9: $330.00 (includes intensive pastoral program)
  • Year 10: $315.00 (includes retreat)
  • Year 11: $355.00 (includes retreat)
  • Year 12: $35.00

Integrated Sport Levy

  • Years 7-8: $155.00
  • Years 9-10: $75.00

Technology Levy

The Technology Levy covers educational software subscription costs.

  • Years 7-10: $190.00 (including Education Perfect and STILE subscriptions)
  • Years 11-12: $255.00 (including Senior Literacy and Numeracy)

Elective Fees

Elective Fees are subject-specific and will be billed in Term 2.

Sporting Activities and Excursions (periodic fees)

Parents will be advised of sporting activities/excursions and associated costs throughout the year. All event notifications will be sent via Compass. Payment is to be made via Compass by the date provided within the event notification.


Xavier Catholic College does not charge a textbook levy. Textbooks that are lost or damaged will be charged at full replacement value.


Please pay school fees via BPAY, where you can set up an individual payment schedule (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or per term). The College's BPAY biller code and your unique BPAY reference number are shown on your statement.

Fee Obligation

All families are expected to pay school fees. Continuation of existing enrolment is subject to review by the Principal. Such a review will take into consideration a family’s fee-paying history, cooperation and communication with the Principal.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any further queries regarding school fees, please contact the College's Business Manager, Katie Elliott, at the details below: